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How Can You Recover from Smoking?

By Lainey Ebright

Have you ever noticed how many people know someone who has quit smoking with hypnosis?   Have you also noticed how some former smokers, unfortunately, return to smoking, often for an unknown reason?

The most effective way to eliminate smoking from your life is by communicating with the subconscious mind.  Using your own mind, with proper training, you can discover an in-dwelling ability to regain control over this dangerous habit.  The subconscious is an organic computer-like part of our mind that stores our habits and is not especially interested in changing them.  When a change is deeply desired at the conscious level, however, success is most likely to occur by communicating a “new plan” to the subconscious mind while it is in a receptive state.

With some of our habits, we can make desired changes ourselves, as in deciding what time we will ordinarily get up in the morning.  We can make easy alterations in daily routines, allowing them to become habits that we like.  Many established habits are not only more challenging, but more difficult to overcome alone, like fingernail biting, stuttering, or chewing tobacco. 

Sometimes, with dedication, effort and time, we can eliminate these kinds of problems without help.  However, as is the case with smoking, it is much easier, more comfortable, and more efficient to seek assistance from a qualified hypnotist.  The practitioner knows the words the mind will respond to and has experience in helping the subconscious mind realize that it is really time to make a change.

Another important and usually overlooked part of the process involves creating a system in the mind to prevent returning to smoking for any reason.  This is what I refer to as the relapse prevention part of a smoking cessation program, and it is essential for the new non-smoker’s continued success.  

Although people seek out a hypnotist for many reasons, from test anxiety to fear of flying, the reason smoking cessation is hypnosis’ most famous success story is this:  smoking is a black and white issue.  A person either smokes or does not smoke.  And someone who has successfully used hypnosis to put that habit in the past is proud of it and gladly talks about their experience.  

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