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Why Weight is Complicated

By Lainey Ebright

Have you noticed all the recent articles about using hypnosis to reach such diverse goals as losing weight, improving a golf game and controlling pain?  It seems that at last the well-kept secret has reached the main stream: that hypnosis is safe and it works.  (Even Consumer Reports had an article about the effectiveness of hypnosis for pain relief!)

Considering issues of weight, what we know is that many people become overweight when they eat to satisfy an emotional need or to compensate for something missing in their lives.  Some people overeat to forget an unpleasant experience.  Others eat to reward themselves, to offset fear, when feeling lonely, or because of boredom.  Sometimes we eat when happy or because of a social occasion when everyone there is eating!   My all-time favorite is eating to avoid getting hungry later!  Just think about that one!

Often the reasons for overeating are anchored in the past, maybe an emotional event that began a cycle of eating for security, self-preservation or protection.  The memory of the event is sealed in the subconscious mind, and is often consciously forgotten. 

For people in these situations, dieting alone will not be enough to lose the weight and keep it off for long.  They often view the diet as a short-term program, actually looking forward to achieving their weight goal so they can return to eating "normally".  Once they meet their goal, they reward themselves with the huge meals or heavy deserts that they have been craving and, predictably, the weight returns.

Dieting never eliminates the subconscious need for excess food.  It's just a form of self-torture that dieters fool themselves with, until eventually giving in to subconscious drives.  This is a sad cycle of going up and down the scale, never letting go of the desire for excess food.

A hypnotherapy program does more than just modify an individual's behavior.  It will address the deeply held issues which affect a person's eating habits.  The hypnotherapist asks such questions as:  "When do you overeat?  Where do you overeat?" and most importantly, "Why?"  S/he will also help examine the client's self-esteem and self-confidence.  Do these areas of self-image require strengthening?

The hypnosis session may help the client look back on their life and locate an event (or events) which led to a self-defeating attitude. This can be the first step in eliminating a subconscious desire for excess food.

The second step would be to instill a new attitude toward eating, such as "I am satisfied with small amounts of healthy food."  With the formation of new healthy habits that can last a lifetime, along with greater self-esteem and other "course corrections", the roller coaster ride can be over. 

One thing is certain.  Losing weight is a complex matter, not simplistic as in the idea of "just eating less.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis, a new Weight Loss Hypnosis Program, is now available.  

Call Lainey for details and qualification information.


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