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Hypnosis in a Nutshell
By Lainey Ebright, C.Ht.

Did you know that in 1958 the A.M.A. approved the use of hypnosis for medical purposes?

As it turns out, this 1958 endorsement was a wise development since many patients have benefited from hypnotic sessions for problems that range from a dangerous smoking habit to fear of needles. Indeed, the areas for which hypnosis is appropriate are many and varied. This is because during the process the subconscious mind's detrimental fears and habits are replaced with newer, healthier, more accurate ideas. As you may know, the subconscious mind is robotic and computer-like and stores memories, habits, and thousands of bits of information, among other things. 

Hypnosis is unusual in that it bypasses the usual filters of the conscious mind. A person trained in medical hypnotism, therefore, (not necessarily the entertainer variety) can assist a person reach his/her goal, and make beneficial changes using hypnotic relaxation coupled with visualization, appropriate suggestions to the subconscious mind and other related techniques. In the process, persons also learn self-hypnosis and valuable breathing techniques, skills that can benefit them in their medical treatments and their lives.

A doctor/patient relationship can be enhanced by the doctor's recognition that hypnosis could be beneficial for certain situations. Examples would be MRI claustrophobia, smoking cessation, pain management, weight control, stress reduction, fear of the dentist and fear of public speaking.

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Please contact Lainey to discuss how hypnosis might be of benefit to you.


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