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" Am I Going to 'Cluck like a dog?' "

by Lainey Ebright

Fortunately medical hypnosis is being more accurately presented in mainstream communications recently, and the old question about “being made to bark like a dog” or “cluck like a chicken” is finally fading away.  I’m happy to see that people are now recognizing that there are many desirable benefits available by utilizing the hypnotic process.   

Having had a private hypnosis practice for many years, it is refreshing to find that the old, yet understandable, fears about the power of hypnosis are shifting to a more realistic perception.  While it is true that hypnosis is powerful, it is a good kind of power.  For example, it is truly rewarding to know that an MRI or a root canal can be accomplished with less fear and anguish because you can include self-hypnosis as part of preparing for the procedure.

Also, it is at last becoming common knowledge that the hypnotist has no power over anyone.  Control remains with the person being hypnotized. No one can be made to violate his/her moral code by a hypnotist.  When you accomplish your goal with the assistance of a hypnotist, you get to take the credit, for you did it!   

A key point is that hypnosis is NOT synonymous with brainwashing.  Brainwashing truly is scary and not to be messed with.  It is a different process altogether and not part of any medical hypnotherapy practice.

I mention brainwashing because it’s at the heart of the many misconceptions about hypnosis.  Historically hypnosis was exploited by great performers (and Hollywood) who could manipulate groups for entertainment and their own agendas.  They were good.  They were so good that they convinced people for generations that hypnosis was the work of the devil, voodoo, mind control, witchcraft, a zombie creator, a truth serum, the antichrist, brainwashing, and on and on... dangerous at the very least.  At least, most hypno-entertainers these days are less villain-like and more fun.  In any case, it’s no wonder that fear of hypnosis was the public’s mind-set for so long.

Public perception of hypnosis is changing and it is a good thing, for people can be helped by using it.  And it is really ok to have fun with hypnosis as long as no one is endangered.  No more stretching stiff-as-a-board hypnotized “subjects” across 2 chairs with a heavy weight put on their chest, for example.  So, although hypnosis can be used to entertain, it can also be directed toward helping people reach important goals in their lives, like quitting smoking, losing weight and reducing stress.  In 1958 the American Medical Association acknowledged the legitimacy of hypnosis and approved its use as a complementary modality.

Today in the hypnosis profession, there are many dedicated, talented individuals whose mission is to contribute to their fellow human beings by bringing hope, imagination, vision, change and results to their clients. 

For more about this and related topics, please call Lainey at Circleville Hypnotherapy.

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